We were scared for our lives.. **caught on camera**


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    Good vibes

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    click bait was too much on this one

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    Great Vibezzz

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    Great vibes Good vibes stay positive ya digg 💯

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    Good vibes

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    I wanna know who films y'all when Noah isn't

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    Good vibes amazing vibes great vibes

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    Good vibes

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    you bro do you have an xbox 360 still like if you have it can you tell me the gamertag or is the gamertag in the video is it

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    Great vibes

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    Good vibes

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    God vibs

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    good vides

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    good vibes

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    Great vibes or Good vibes both are Awesome vibes

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    you give us good god vibes

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    Good vibes

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    Good vibes

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    Your so good you are changing the world

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    I am subscribed

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    good vibes

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    and rug says hes just warming up

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    dood vibes rug

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    Great vibes

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    Good vibes 😎

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    Good vibes my friend

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    Great vibes

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    The clickbait is real

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    Good vibes gang for life

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    Brian you dance very well

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    Good vibes

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    Good vibes

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    Click bate

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    rug have good vibes keep up the work

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    Great good amazing vibes

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    I was really entertained by the barber 🤣 especially when he came too close on top of Rug🤣🤣.

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    God vibes

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    Good bye

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    Good vibes

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    Sub to faze rug

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    Rug u give me good vibes get it

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    Good vibes. In the comments

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    You’re such a fucking faker

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    When he said good vibes I heard goodbyes🤣

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    GoOd ViBeS

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    good vibes

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    Ask vibs

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    You should bring back scary videos!!!🔥🔥

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    good vibs

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    I died when he danced 😂

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    Goooooooooood vibezzzzz

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    Good vibes and great vibes and awesome vibes

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    Christian got a nice hat

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    Rug: leave the comment good vibes His fans: suggesting him things Rug: u know what I give up

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    Good vibes

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    POV rug asks for the money back



    Good vibezzzzz

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    awesomeness vibes

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    10:26 I just realised that only faze rug is wearing white And everyone else wearing black what generous people Don’t think I’m being rasist coz I’m not

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    good vibes

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